- Sydney -


It's become a tradition to meet up with this special family on their annual trip to South Africa.  I told them with a heavy heart that their latest trip to South Africa would coincide with my move to Australia and a shoot wouldn't be possible. So when they replied to my "but if you are ever in Sydney PLEASE call me up" message, I almost fell off my chair when they said they are in fact doing an around the world trip and will be in Sydney too! How crazy!

It's all brand new for me here in my new home here in Sydney. To have the iconic bridge and Opera house in the background on my first shoot here was more than surreal. I still say to my husband almost daily "I can't believe live HERE!".

It was a magical day, and an extra bonus that I could spend the very warm Aussie morning with these friends I've made from behind my computer, my lens, over muffins, gorgeous views and many laughs .

Just imagine where we will meet up again...