-Cape Town City centre-

She has a beauty that you can’t ignore – besides her gorgeous features, its her heart that radiates a gentle, powerful grace. Richard has the softest, sweetest heart, I completely see why they have chosen to be together forever.

Sitting in the car park chatting away, the shops long closed, the company just too good to tear themselves away: this was how they spent many date nights. It made such an impression on their sentimental hearts that Richard proposed in that very way. After much planning about how to ask her to be his forever, he kept coming back to this special memory.

With the ring hidden in his pocket and love burning in his heart, he knelt down on the tyre streaked parking lot and asked her to marry him. It was the perfect proposal, and he knew she absolutely wouldn’t have changed a single thing.

We celebrated their love in an urban style engagement shoot around Cape Town’s paved side walks, incredible old buildings, and cars making their way up Adderly street.

Nelleke from Of the Earth Catering baked these incredible and gorgeous tarts and cake. Having tasted many things from her kitchen, I had no doubt these treats would be as delicious as they were beautiful … of course, they were!

The Rose room created a perfect bouquet and dainty flower crown complimenting their super cool and funky look.

From them I learned that love looks like laughing and being silly together while the world around you falls away, because just being around each other is enough.