Gorgeous new albums

These albums are absolutely beautiful, high quality, and durable.  The paper feels luxurious and is coated with a matt UV, protecting it from spills, marks, and stains. The pages are sturdy and the colour is gentle, yet sharp.  Every album is safely packed in a black box, beautifully wrapped up in my brand new fancy packaging, topped off with a nice fat bow - my favorite part!

Today I'm excited to be launching a new Acrylic cover option that has just been added to my range. It's amazing, I love it! Looks like glass and makes the colours really pop.

I use some of the best suppliers, so whether you choose this slick acrylic cover option, the gorgeous leather or printed cover, it's sure to be beautiful and delight you each time you snuggle up on the couch and page through it.

With my 7th year wedding anniversary not too far away, I actually think I'll put together the photos from my own wedding into stunning album like this. Yes eeek my wedding was 7 years ago! It's about time hey!

If you also have some precious memories tucked away in a cupboard somewhere - put them in a pretty, luxury album for you to relive your special moments over and over. Pop me a mail and lets get creating!

Launching my new packaging!

I’m so excited and proud to reveal my brand new packaging for 2015! As a creative, I was in my element scouring Pinterest for ideas, conceptualising my ideal packaging, incorporating my colours, creating something beautiful, funky and lovely!

Pouring lots of love and thought into the design, it feels like a part of me is in this packaging. I hand stitched and made the little USB bag (proud sewing moment!). It represents me, my style and my message to my clients. Something personal and gorgeous.

It looks all cosy and special and thats exactly how I wanted my clients to feel when they received it. Just like receiving a package from a fancy store, where even the wrapping makes you feel pampered. These can be your precious moments and memories all wrapped up in an exciting little package.

I can’t wait to cover more shoots in some lovely gold and teal!