Jasmin Star

Learning new things

I once used to think that when I'm done with school and varsity, I'm done learning. I was so wrong! I've since realized that the quicker I embrace an attitude of learning, the more I'll appreciate, have to offer, and be empowered. That's exactly what I've been up to lately: Learning! On a 6 week Wedding Photography boot camp with Jasmin Star throughCreative Live.

Her boldness to be transparent and open about how exactly she captures the brilliant images she does, has left me not only inspired and empowered to be the best photographer I can be, but also to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly of everything that goes with it.

I've loved this really practical and detailed course, and the lengths they go to not display not only the successes but also the inevitable mistakes and failures, so that others can learn and succeed, is incredibly humbling! I look forward to showing you the growth I've experienced both in myself and my business.