She picks out my earrings...

My little daughter, she's just four, loves pretty things and dressing up. She chooses my earrings some mornings , which makes me naustalgic, because I remember watching my mom get ready to go out when I was little. We were fascinated! She had a specific perfume she wore, which always singled to us that she was going out. It's crazy how it really doesn't feel that long ago!

My wedding earrings where the ones she picked for me this particular wintery day. This post feels so timely, as we've just celebrated our 10 year anniversary! It's amazing to share a decade plus of life together. Growing, dreaming, arguing, making up, resetting expectations, doing.the.mundane. having adventures, having kids, appreciating the small things and realising whats really important - all wrapped into days that just tick by and turn into years! It's been a good reflective time for us.

I remember making these earrings the night before the wedding and finishing them at 2 am. I was so particular back then (having kids has relaxed me slightly, haha). So even though they might not be the most beautiful in my collection now, they hold a lot off sentimental value, and I love that she picked them.

weddin gpic 2.jpg
Michelle van Heerden