It's baby time!

Here's something you probably don't know about me: I love those sticks that you wee on and the colour starts to develop. Even more exciting is the pregnancy one,  5 months ago - the little stick confirmed something big happening in my tummy.

I’m over half way pregnant (It’s going so quickly) I’m past all the initial queasiness and trying decide if I’m starving or stuffed. It’s the glorious second trimester, where I feel pregnant but aren’t quite moving at sloth pace and feeling all whaley yet.

Even second time round, it’s still the most incredible miracle and I’m in total awe and super grateful that we get to experience this.

My mind is filled with to lists, my Pinterest boards filled with nursery ideas and crafts, and my heart full with love and gratitude. Even though I’ll be shooting less over the last few months and first few months of the new babas life, I’ll still be enjoying some project, personal ventures and pushing my creative comfort zones. I'm excited for a new season of promise and possibility!