Take a break!


I had just sat down to a half written sentence at my computer once again after taking a delivery,

now with a Creative Live online course open - listening with one ear while I upload and tweak my

latest shoot for my blog. I'm thinking of the dessert that needs to be prepped for tonights

guests, I take the gap to make a shopping list while the internet is buffering. My note pad is

scribbled with reminders, one of them more important than the rest: to make a birthday call to a

family friend {there seem to be as many birthdays in June/July as in December, which is a LOT!}.

Meantime my precious little one is distraught at the door because she wants to show me her

latest scribbles. As I sit down to focus again, some admin pops into my email that needs

immediate attention, I've also just remembered some details I need to research for the weekends

shoot plus a photo link that I want to share on my Facebook page.

It in the moment I realised I'm trying to cram so much efficiency into every second with little success. When things died down and I got a chance to tie up some loose ends - I opted for a BREAK instead, grabbed my super snuggly soft blanket, my iPad, a cup of tea. I sat flicking through non work related pinterest boards , and felt free to think and do whatever I felt like, enjoying a demandless 25 minutes.

I'm sure you can relate, I'm sure you too fell like you are juggling a minefield, with important tasks and moments - I encourage you to TAKE A BREAK once in a while when it's all too overwhelming. I felt like a new person, revived and ready, and guess what my to do list didn't explode, fall apart or scream at me, I'm sure yours will behave too. I'm consciously going to do this regularly. Try it next time you feel in over your head :)