Getting to know me


I love the smell of: coffee (but don’t actually drink it), the air just before it starts to rain, sunscreen in summer, cinnamon buns (it tastes even better if you smell each bite), lavender wafting through my house in spring, Christmas (the tree, the candles, the food), thatch roofs (they remind me of a holiday spot we to went to, growing up)

I love the soundof: kiddies giggling, thunderstorms (they make me want to snuggle), popcorn popping, my husbands car pulling up the driveway, the intro music to movies, nature’s noises when I’m out of the city, my daughter sleeping deeply, waves rhythmically washing up on the beach, the timer when I'm waiting for baked goodies to come out the oven.


When I was young we had bunnies, that had lots of baby bunnies - one of my favorite childhood memories.

I never used to eat coriander, basil or rocket, I now load my plate with them.

I cry easily when I see something beautiful or heartbreaking (yes even movies, especially movies).

I absolutely hate to lose things, it freaks me out.

I’m a sucker for anything that comes in a kit or prepackaged, I can’t resist.

I like to be organised and make lots of lists, and try to remember not take myself too seriously. 

I'd swop slippers for high heels any day.

I get so distracted watching people reunite at the arrival hall in the airport, its beautiful how they drop their bags and for a few seconds aren't aware who is around them.

The way geckos move make me squirm.

I absolutely love doing anything creative, it fuels me. I’ll often make cards, presents or draw scribbles and turn them into people or things.

After eating low carb, I have a bunch of go-to recipes (after trying many), which has turned into a little side project

 I love finding out about different pieces of jewellery people wear or where it came from, theres almost always a cool story attached or a reason why its special.

I’ve learned:

To love, love and love some more (from Mom). Live life to the full and be positive (from Dad). To dream big and take risks (from my hubby) To be silly, and pause for a minute to see the wonder in everything (from my little girl). It's possible to still sing in unthinkable circumstances (from my cleaning lady). Theres constantly something to learn from and change (frommymistakes). Everyone has a story worth telling, theres ALWAYS something beautiful to capture. A different angle changes everything. Not to be intimidated by others success but rather to be inspired. To take my camera everywhere I go. (fromphotography)

I love how everyone and everything in your life helps shape us and we get to choose what to do with it. Choose to love fiercely, kiss passionately, forgive quickly, do stuff you love, give a lot of hugs and smiles.

Thanks for spending some time with me, have beautiful day!

These gorgeous photos where taken by Grace Hutton at Craft in Stellenbosch. She is a brilliant photographer and such a sweet person, I love how she completely captured the essence of who I am in these pics - It's a hang of a lot easier being behind the lens than in front of it, but an exercise I think I'll try regularly + it's fun!