It's Easter time!

I'm not entirely sure how the bunnies, hens and eggs tie into celebrating easter. I do absolutely love the excuse to make easter themed pretty things though!

I got creative and thanks to Pinterest, learned how to naturally dye chicken eggs with things like, red onion, beetroot and turmeric. I'd always wanted to make them when I was a kiddie, but South Africa never used to stock white chicken eggs. I put them with some other pastel coloured goodies and had fun shooting a little something in the spirit of Easter.

I really love celebrations filled with joy, yummy food and beautiful things. But most of all I love taking time out to value what is precious to me, keeps me alive and free. Have a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating and thinking of the One who is love.

{ I LOVE these gorgeous free watercolour downloads available from Just the Bees knees }

Pastel Easter Shoot 1.jpg