Playing with baby lion cubs

It's been my dream to play with little baby lion cubs ever since I can remember. On a weekend getaway to Botlierskop private game reserve 2 years ago, this dream came true, quite unexpectedly!

I could hardly contain myself when we were informed about the 6 week old baby lion cubs that we could not only see, but play with!! I barely slept that night, and held back my excitement incase they weren't really as accessible as the ranger had made out.

They absolutely were! Oh my gosh! I'm bubbling over with excitement all over again, just reliving the experience and looking through my photos.

They play like kitties, and we had to keep reminding ourselves how bizarre it is and that these are wild and one day would be fierce and big. They feel coarse, like sheep skin paint rollers, and had very sharp teeth, gnawing on absolutely everything. They looked so teddy bear like, fumbling around with paws that seem three sizes too big. Wow, wow, wow, an experience of a lifetime, one that I'll never ever forget and feel so incredibly fortunate to have had. What magnificent animals!

I had also just got my Nikon D800 camera and 24-70 lens, this was my first time trying it out. Double whammy excitement!