A weekend at the beach...

I've taken on the challenge to shoot much more with my camera on a day to day basis, rather than using the convenient one on my phone.  I'm now constantly on the lookout through my day to day life to capture something wonderful. Life kind of stands still for a bit, as I take the time to stop and compose an image, or practise some action shots of kids playing, and it's sparking my creativity while I try out a new angle or a new subject. I think this will be a fun journey, and produce some photos that I'll treasure for ever.

Last weekend at Pearly beach I had my camera ready and got to capture a friend's little one's first trip to the beach. Squealing with delight, her toes scrunched into the sand, continuing to eat mouthfuls of it. Precious little girl!

Olivia chatting away as she pours more sand in her mouth. The cutest little sand covered toes. Fascinated with the stuff.