- Utrecht, The Netherlands -

Gav and Ang live in a gorgeous University based city called Utrecht in The Netherlands, it feels a bit like Amsterdam without all the touristy things and grungy, big city buzz.

 This was one of my favourite locations I’ve shot at: right in the  city centre  with the the cobble stone streets, gorgeous canals, bicycles and old lamp posts. Watching their love pour out on each other and over their beautiful city as we ran around chasing light between the tall, narrow buildings,felt surreal, a bit like a movie scene.

I felt extra Dutch doing the whole shoot by bike, the three of us peddling around on our bikes, me with my camera slung around my neck, cycling in-between locations together, it was amazing!

 These are two incredibly special people, the kind that being around make you feel happy and inspired. They love each other fiercely, speak honestly, and have the warmest, most inviting home. I will treasure your friendship for ever and always know truly committed love because of you.

A massive thank you Het Zuiden that we could end off our shoot in their beautiful street side restaurant.