I’m a bit camera shy, Is that a problem?

Not at all! You’d be surprised how many people are! My style is very relaxed, I’ll guide you all the way. Before you know it you’ve forgotten about me, and all the spontaneous moments bubble out naturally. I’d love to show you in an engagement shoot with me, that you actually are photogenic and when I see you at your wedding we will feel like old friends.

How many photos do you take?

I shoot as I see and never work off a minimum / maximum. The amount of images are greatly affected by: the amount of hours you book me, travel time between the locations / venues,  the venue and it’s surroundings, size of the wedding / family / bridal party, venue setup, amount of natural light and sun set time. 

I’m new to this wedding stuff, how does the price and structure work?

It can be very overwhelming you're not alone! My structure is simple, you choose the package by the amount of hours you'd like me to shoot: 4hours, 6 hours , 8 hours.  Its completely up to you what time I start, so you get to decide exactly where in the timeline the shooting falls. You'll find what each package includes and the cost on my pricing page.

Do you have an assistant / second shooter?

I have an assistant to help with carrying my heavy bags and anything else I need. I like to be as unnoticed and unobtrusive as possible, being the only photographer helps to do that. I do offer an option to book a second shooter for much larger weddings if you still feel you need one.

Do you take table shots?

You may have heard of table shots: some photos of groups of your guests sitting at their table - I really don’t recommend them, they tend to be awkward and unflattering. Instead, I suggest a photo corner, with a couch for example that people can gather at in their groups.

Can you make me look 10 years younger and 5kg's lighter?

Nope I won't be shaving centimetres off your hips, make your skin flawless and wrinkle free, or make your hair look like Jennifer Anniston's . I only do a very basic edit, and keep a natural feel to all my photos so that you will look your gorgeous self. Your photos will closely represent your day in the most beautiful way possible. 

Is there a travel cost to my venue?

For venues within 100 km from Somerset West have no travel fee, for weddings over 150km from Somerset West require B&B (minimum 3 star) accommodation for 2 people (my assistant & I) sharing.

Do you offer photo albums?

I absolutely do! Gorgeous high quality, full spread, 20 pages luxury albums which can be ordered independently or added to a package. Priced according to 3 different sizes, of which you can choose a printed, acrylic or leather cover. Which ever one you choose, it’s bound to be stunning and delight you every time you snuggle up to flip through it.

Can I send you some specific shots I want taken?

Yes, I love example images they give me an idea of what you like. However I DON’T replicate images. I cover a general list of the “must have shots” at a wedding, leaving room for creative and spontaneous moments. 

You are welcome to point out what you do/don't prefer in my previous work or give me a feel for your personality and wedding style (fun, romantic, elegant, quirky, relaxed). If there is something significant or specific shots you’d like, I’ll make a note to capture them. But please bear in mind, the natural look and feel of my photos can’t be coerced into previous shots as photography is organic and unpredictable .

Are prints / albums  included in your packages?

Everyone has such different needs and desires preferring the freedom to customise their packages. I’ve set mine up by the number of hours of shooting which can be fully customised by adding a gorgeous full spread, 20 page luxury album or even some beautifully framed A4/A5 prints. This way you get to tailor your spend and display your favorites in the way that you like.

Tell me about your style

People are mostly drawn to the natural and real look and feel in my photos. I shoot very much with natural light, and according to the way the day unfolds. I have a documentary style and love all things romantic and special. The photos that I create are filled with feeling and spontaneity. You should hardly notice I’m there as I like to be as unobtrusive as possible. I’m down to earth, and warm, and would very much like to tell your story.

When can I see the photos? Can I have a sneak peak?

I know, I know, this is the hard part - waiting for your photos! I take a lot of care and pride in my work including the postproduction part. Please be patient while you wait for me to make sure they are all perfect, it will be worth it I promise. It typically takes 4-6 weeks for your photos to be ready, I'll let you know if it looks like it will be sooner. Of course you are excited to see a snippet, but I like to leave them all a surprise until you get to see them all.

Which package should I book?

Once you figure out how much of the day you would like covered, it’s easy. You'll find what each package includes and the cost on my pricing page.

- 8 hours is perfect to capture from the getting ready shots to well into the reception.

- 6 hours is ideal if you want most but not all of the wedding covered, (eg you don’t want getting   

 ready photos, or you just want the first hour of the reception covered. 

- 4 hours is versatile and can be used to cover which ever section you like Eg the ceremony and   

 couple photos.

Please factor in any travel time between venues and locations, as this can affect which package you choose.You can extend a package by an hour each time, on the day at R2200 per hour. Although extensions must be for the full hour.

I love your work and would love to book you, how?

Great! I'd be thrilled to capture your moments! Please send me an email or fill out a contact form.

I will get in touch with you (within 24 hours) and send you a quote. If you have a specific date, I will let you know if I'm available on that date.

We can meet up in person, or chat via Skype or on the phone if you are from out of town to chat through the details.

Your booking will be secured with a 50 % deposit (receive a 5% discount if paid within 10 days). With the balance is due the week before the shoot.

And then for the fun part: All that is left is to capture your beautiful and special moments!